sábado, 22 de enero de 2011

Vampiro remasterizando(se)

Seen it in my head, burning my heart
Seen it in my past, back in my home
Doesn't make sense, see h(im) again
I don't, know

I felt it for some time, ever not at all
Poison in my head, gun love hurts
I'm not looking for love, but it's hard to resist
I don't recall, ME AND MISTAKES

()He's the only one, that's the best I've had
I found h(im) in a dream, looking for me
This heart's on fire, I'll bring myself
Up to the force, down again

... La canción es de Big Pink

Al parecer Baudelaire tenía razón

Imbécile! — de son empire
Si nos efforts te délivraient,
Tes baisers ressusciteraient
Le cadavre de ton vampire!»

Vamp Vamp Vamp, qué feo es crecer!

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